We are the #1 best ESO fishing / trade guild!

We are here to help you get rare fish and make money fishing.

Fisherman’s Friend guild is an ESO fishing guild.Thats right, we are PvF (player vs fish) a fishing focused trade guild! Our goal is to help people get master angler and make money in the process.  We have a guild trader kiosk located in Venomous Fens, Shadowfen.  There you will find all things fish! Fish, perfect roe, bait, hissmer eye rye, and fish foods and drinks. You’ll find items for crafting and other things too.
We are faction neutral and have members from all factions and do not require anyone to be a certain level to fish with us.  There are no requirements like fees or dues to be in the guild.  However, we do have basic rules that make sense like be respectful to your fellow guild members and don’t exploit (basic stuff like that).
Our guild hall is at Sleek Creek House in Reaper’s March and any member has access to it.  Visit our GM’s mr_melee’s primary residence.   We also have vent and discord for communication.  We hold guild contests and events too.
Currently we have over 260+ members and growing.  There is almost always someone is willing to fish or is fishing at any time. This is good for anglers because the more people fish together the higher the luck to get rares that count toward master angler.
In addition to fishing we also offer other things like groups for PvE and PvP.  We have guild events and contests.  We even have Vent and Discord for members to use.
If you like fishing we would love to have you join!  For an invite to the guild contact our GM @mr_melee. You can also contact one of our officers @atorabpour, @justTheTipp, @TheLastCrazyPerson, or @MrPlops.

Members & Counting